S&M Moving Systems Launches New VIP White Glove Relocation Solutions Service

A key service, designed for key employees.

White Glove Relocation Solutions: Premium. Personal. Professional.

In today’s world, quality people are most often a company’s number one source of competitive advantage. It stands to reason the costs associated with recruiting, relocating and compensating top talent represents a substantial corporate investment. So it is every company’s advantage to make sure the process of relocating a key employee and their family to a new home is done with an extremely high level of professionalism, care and service.

Now there’s an easy, cost effective program for doing just that. It’s called the White Glove Relocation Solution, a premium, personal moving and logistics planning service. White Glove Relocation Solutions transfers the stress, the details, the work, and the physical inconvenience of moving from the family, to a trained, experienced professional. The result is an employee who feels more appreciated; a family who feels more secure; and an employer who knows their investment is protected.

White Glove Relocation Solutions Benefits

Benefits to Transferee:

  • Ability to focus on new job
  • Confidence that family is in great hands
  • Reduction of stress
  • Assurance they’ve chosen the right employer

Benefits to Transferee’s Spouse:

  • Easy
  • Safe
  • Stress-free
  • Supervisor acts as liaison, and confidant during
    the actual move
  • Ability to focus on family aspects of the move;
    schools, home, child issues

Benefits to Employer:

  • More satisfied, focused employee
  • Enhanced employee retention
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Affordable, easy, accountable service
  • Protects your investment in key employees

WHO is S&M Moving Systems?

For over 90 years, S&M Moving Systems has built and maintained a reputation as a world-class, full-service provider of residential, commercial and logistics solutions for businesses and
individuals. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, we have helped many of the world’s largest and most prominent corporations relocation their employees, offices and industrial facilities. S&M Moving Systems is an agent for United Van lines, the largest privately held relocation organization in the United States. This partnership enables us to handle the largest, most complex residential , commercial and logistics projects with complete confidence and professionalism, anywhere in the world.

WHY choose S&M Moving Systems?

The answer is simple. S&M Moving Systems can offer your business the most professional, efficient and customer focused residential, commercial , and logistics solutions in the world.
When you choose S&M Moving Systems as your partner, you tap into all the capabilities and resources of United Van Lines, the largest and most recognized relocation organization in the United States. You’ll work with an experience, capable residential , commercial, or logistics specialist who is completely focused on meeting the unique needs and requirements of your business. And you’ll receive all the benefits of sophisticated, state of the art technology systems that dramatically simplify and streamline every step. No other partner can offer you this winning combination of people, technology, relationships, and service. So contact us today to discover all the advantages of working with an experienced partner you can trust.

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