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Household Goods Warehouse Manager

Last Updated: 10/03/2019
Job Code: 8291
Location: 48551 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont CA
Temporary : No
Contact: (510) 497-2300


Directs and maintains daily operation of the warehouse(s) to ensure the proper handling of our customers’ equipment and/or belongings and maintains and/or improves upon the space planning profitability of warehouse operations.

Job Duties

1. Manages daily warehousing activities, schedules warehouse workforce and works closely with the operations department to accomplish the operational goals of the organization.

Ø Trains and supervises the warehousing crew(s)

Ø Coordinates all dock activity, assigns warehouse employees to appropriate tasks and monitors progress throughout the day; assists the warehouse crew as required to complete tasks.

Ø Plans for the “peak season” workloads and hires additional staff as necessary with the GM’s approval.

Ø Ensures that warehouse workforce receives specialized training.

Ø Develops spirit of cooperation and understanding among work group

2. Coordinates warehouse activity with the office staff

Ø Acknowledges all inbound/outbound household goods shipments with the customer service department.

Ø Is responsible for all completed paperwork and assures the paperwork is accurate and complete prior to submission to the billing department.

Ø Assists in the maintenance of all storage files to assure shipments in storage are accurately invoiced.

3. Reviews warehouse expenses and makes recommendations designed to improve upon the efficiency of daily operations, labor costs, utility costs.

4. Is responsible for reviewing warehouse claims. Develops and implements a plan(s) to reduce claims thus improving upon warehouse profitability and customer satisfaction.

Essential Functions

An average day for a field service crew member covers 8 to 12 hours, 5 to 6 days a week. The typical workday involves repetitious bending, stooping, pushing, rotating the body, lifting and carrying. An individual hired as a field service crew member must be able to accomplish the following in order to meet the essential functions of the job:

Lifting & Carrying

· 30-80 pounds - routinely

· 80-125 pounds - occasionally (3-5 times daily)

· 125-200 pounds - occasionally (1-2 times daily)

Must be able to lift and carry, in teams of 2 (occasionally 3 or 4), large heavy items such as dressers, pianos, hot tubs, armoires, marble table tops, and heavy wood pieces.

Lifting & Carrying - continued

Lifting & carrying may involve flights of stairs of varying degrees, or various terrains, depending upon access of carry, with an average minimum walking distance of 25 feet.

Bending, Stooping, Body Rotation

Routine stooping to heft items to be carried.

Routine twisting of the body to lift, place, relocate items (occasionally twisting required on stairs)


· 100-300 pounds - routinely (items on wheeled dollies)

· 300-500 pounds - occasionally (items on wheeled dollies)

Pushing may involve inclines at a 25% angle up and down 14-foot ramp.

Required Uniform

1. Furnished collared shirts

2. UVL uniform T-shirts

3. Blue uniform pants

4. Blue uniform shorts

5. Black shoes (shoe allowance provided)

Compensation: $50K to 60k based off experience
Schedule: (Number of Hours: 40)
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