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Logistics Warehouse Supervisor

Last Updated: 10/03/2019
Job Code: 8719
Location: 48551 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont CA
Temporary : No
Contact: (510) 497-2300

Branch: Fremont, CA

Department: Warehouse

Immediate Supervisor: General Manager

If interested, please call Mike Dahl at 408-210-1869 or

The position of Warehouseman Supervisor is responsible for the safekeeping of customer goods stored in the warehouse in accordance with state and federal laws.

Basic Functions *
1. Verify the accuracy of all incoming items for storage including piece count and any noted exceptions related to the descriptive inventory at time of delivery.

2. Coordinates all dock activity, assigns warehouse employees to appropriate tasks and monitors progress throughout the day; assists the warehouse crew as required to complete tasks.

3. Coordinates warehouse activity with local dispatch
Acknowledges all inbound/outbound shipments with the logistics customer service department
Assists in the maintenance of all storage files to assure shipments in storage are accurately invoiced.

4. Responsible for the assignment of a lot number and placing incoming items in their proper locations.

5. Verify the accuracy of all outbound storage lots including piece count and any noted exceptions related to the descriptive inventory.

6. Oversee activities of warehouse personnel ensuring proper warehousing procedures and safety guidelines are observed.

7. Perform other related duties to the warehouse including housekeeping duties to maintain a safe and clean warehouse.

8. Interface with customers and assist them when accessing their storage lots.

High School diploma or GED equivalent required. Must possess a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel and Word and a working knowledge of a bar-coding system. Forklift certification for operation of a sit-down and stand-up forklift.

Essential Functions*
An average day for a warehouseman covers 8 to 12 hours, 5 to 6 days a week. The typical workday involves repetitious bending, stooping, pushing, rotating the body, lifting and carrying. An individual hired as a field service crewmember must be able to accomplish the following in order to meet the essential functions of the job:

Lifting & Carrying
30-80 pounds - routinely
80-125 pounds - occasionally (3-5 times daily)
125-200 pounds - occasionally (1-2 times daily)
Must be able to lift and carry, in teams of 2 (occasionally 3 or 4), large heavy items such as dressers, pianos, hot tubs, armoires, marble table tops, and heavy wood pieces.

Bending, Stooping, Body Rotation
Routine stooping to heft items to be carried.
Routine twisting of the body to lift, place, relocate items (occasionally twisting required on stairs)

Required Uniform
1. Furnished collared shirts
2. S&M uniform T-shirts
3. Navy blue uniform pants
4. Navy blue uniform shorts
5. Black shoes

* Denotes "essential functions" in accordance with the guidelines of The Americans with Disabilities Act. The essential functions of this position include, but are not necessarily limited to; those specifically identified in this description. The position and its essential functions may change over time and these changes may not necessarily be reflected in the position description. The Company may, at its sole discretion, add to, change, or expand the essential or marginal functions of the position.

Schedule: (Number of Hours: 40)
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