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Code of Conduct

S&M Moving Systems' Commitment to Ethics and Compliance

S&M Moving Systems is committed to conducting business in an ethical and honest manner in its dealings with employees, customers, shareholders, agents, suppliers and the community. S&M Moving Systems is also dedicated to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. To maintain the highest standards of ethical and honest conduct in everything the company does, this Code of Conduct has been established as part of S&M Moving Systems' Corporate Compliance Program.

Obligation of Every Manager and Employee

The provisions of the S&M Moving Systems Code of Conduct (Code) apply to every Manager and employee. The provisions of this Code should be consulted when acting on behalf of S&M Moving Systems. As part of his or her service to S&M Moving Systems, each Manager and employee is required to commit to doing what is right and to adhere to the provisions of this Code.

The Spirit of the Code: A Shared Responsibility

The Code establishes the principles by which individuals must conduct themselves. The spirit of the Code also requires each Manager and employee to set an example for other employees to represent S&M Moving Systems well by establishing an ethical tone in all business dealings. Maintaining the spirit of the Code occurs by:
  • Showing others by your example what it means to act with integrity
  • Ensuring that you as well as those you may supervise have knowledge of the Code and how it affects their job functions
  • Reporting potential violations of the Code
  • Welcoming good faith questions or concerns about compliance and integrity
  • Asking questions about the right course of action when in doubt
  • Making ethical choices in all S&M Moving Systems decisions

The Cornerstone of S&M Moving Systems' Integrity

The Code is the cornerstone of S&M Moving Systems' commitment to integrity. However, the Code is not intended to describe every law or policy affecting S&M Moving Systems, its employees and Managers. All individuals must discuss with their supervisors the policies, procedures and laws that affect a particular job function. If further guidance is required on a particular matter, individuals or supervisors should contact their management.

Compliance with All Laws and Regulations

S&M Moving Systems is committed to full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. No one may at any time take any action on behalf of S&M Moving Systems that violates any applicable law or regulation. S&M Moving Systems recognizes that laws and regulations may at times be subject to various interpretations or difficult to understand. In such instances, it is the responsibility of each individual to recognize that potential compliance issues exist and seek advice from the S&M Moving Systems' management prior to taking any action.

Any individual who fails to follow these standards places themselves, their co-workers and S&M Moving Systems at risk. Failure to follow the Code may subject individuals to disciplinary action up to and including termination or removal.

Relationship to Global Business

As S&M Moving Systems conducts business around the world, all individuals must respect the laws of countries in which S&M Moving Systems conducts business. In the event that you are faced with a conflict between the law and local customs or practices when representing S&M Moving Systems, seek guidance from management.

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