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Recent Testimonials

“People are often quick to complain about service but rarely does anyone thank an employee for ensuring customer satisfaction. From our point of view Sharon has done her utmost to help us and provided us with outstanding service and we are very grateful for this. We just wanted to ensure that she receives recognition for all her efforts. The work that both Lizzette and Sharon delivered has earned our customer satisfaction and loyalty so we will always first look to S & M Moving to help us with any moving needs in the future. We are fortunate that you have such great employees.”

David & Karla Sward
Sunnyvale, CA

“I recently moved with S&M Moving Systems. I commend you for hiring such talented, professional, and knowledgeable employees. Both Marilyn Mausser and Bob Battermann provided me with exceptional customer service from the very beginning. They were always prompt with responses to my inquiries, they were easy to be contacted in time of need, and they were responsive to my needs and concerns during the entire process. Because of my experience with S&M Moving, I would confidently recommend your company to any corporation or individual that I know will be relocating. It has been a stress free process because of the assistance and organization of both Marilyn and Bob. I am very pleased with my experience working with S&M Moving.”

Alexandra Buzaid
Scottsdale, AZ

“What a pleasant experience I recently had with S&M Moving. This was the first long distance move for me, so I was nervous. On top of that, my husband was out of the country on business and would meet us at the new home. I was apprehensive, knowing I was going to have to deal with a sedated cat for a 7 – 8 hour car ride, let alone keeping the 4 year old occupied for the ride. The last thing I needed to worry about was our stuff, whether it would arrive in one piece, and whether or not it would arrive when we needed it. Your crew arrived at our home on schedule.They prepared everything, worked tirelessly for hours, and assured assuring met the chaos of the boxes and furniture I presented to them was not a problem. Each member of the crew was polite, courteous, efficient and GREAT with my son. Our furniture arrived precisely when scheduled. Every box and piece of furniture was meticulously accounted for; nothing missing and no surprises! This was by far the best move I have ever experienced. The fact that it was a long distance move makes it even more remarkable. If I ever move again, I will call S&M Moving and I will definitely recommend you to friends and family who move; peace of mind that everything will be handled with professionalism and courtesy is priceless!”

Rebecca Fisk
Bellmont, CA